Defeated. Deflated. That’s how I feel. My job is not stressful, but I stress about it. Every day I feel like I am spinning my wheels, working so hard, to never see progress. If I could see progress I would not feel so discouraged and get so stressed. Every day I basically stare at the same number of invoices or higher than the day before. It doesn’t help that my boss will not fight for changes that I suggest. I try to avoid going to my boss with suggestions because I know she will not try to bring them to light. I try to avoid asking her questions because that usually will result in a response which half consists of treating me like a child who has never done this job before, to eventually getting back around to answering my question with a one sentence explanation. I generally like my boss as a person. Just not as my boss. She is very knowledgeable and has been in her current position for a while.
My job is easy, but can be monotonous. I never thought after finding something I enjoy doing, that I would be so eager to leave. It’s an odd and confusing feeling. Maybe if I didn’t care so much and was just a button pusher like so many other people there.
More reason to leave. Find happiness. Coming Soon… hopefully