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Corporate is Not for Me

The itch is getting stronger. The ability to sit in a cube is getting harder. I’m tired and unmotivated every day when I go home. I don’t want to live that way. No one should have to. All the more reason to get moving on ideas. We want to start our own business(es).

The more I think about it, the less I want to work for corporate. It took me a while. In my head I had this path laid out that I could….climb the corporate ladder??? I don’t have a BS degree, I don’t fit the corporate mold for success, and I definitely don’t have the patience to continue to work hard for 15 years at the same place in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to where I want to go. Where is that any way? I can’t picture myself in most of the higher up positions at my current company.

That being said, I guess my decision is made. Corporate is not for me. The steady income has been nice and the guaranteed weekend off is a relief, but I’m not happy. The 8 hours of sitting is slowly killing me (and you!). I’m not in view of a window unless I stand up and turn around. I have been spoiled that for the majority of my working career I have had a 15 min commute, but now have a half hour commute.

I am not saying owning your own business is easy. I’ve been around small businesses and some run smoother than others, and some owners are crazier than others… We want to at least have the ability to travel/move. That requires flexibility that we don’t currently have. The Mister has Wed and Sun off, not Sat and Sun, which is also inhibiting. If we can make our business internet based (without getting into eCommerce) our business could be mobile. That’s the plan at least.

I know this will not be easy. However, we are pushing forward, no matter how small the strides and how tiny the triumphs. The Mister and I both want out of our cubes.

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