It really has. I haven’t been on here as much and I haven’t been going to the gym like I’ve wanted. I hurt my back about 2 months ago. I believe it’s a herniated disc. Normally, when I fall off the “workout wagon” I get pretty down and discouraged. Luckily, that hasn’t been the case. I have been SO focused on my finance blog and other *new* blog that I am giving my back the necessary time to heal without me feeling like a big fat blob. Though I have tried to stay mildly active, doing this thing called WALKING whenever I’m too paranoid to workout due to my back or know that I just really need to get up and move.

My back injury has definitely brought to light everything I have read about when it comes to the negative effects of sitting. I felt them first hand. Sitting for too long was just uncomfortable. Then that made me think about when I’m healthy…it’s the same. Just because my back isn’t hurting to tell me “sitting is bad”, it’s still bad.

Which is more reason to get out of my current office job and start my own business, or freelance 😀 It’s coming. I haven’t lost hope.

Stay motivated and move towards your goal.