It went on for months. I had the hardest time sleeping well. After a while I got to the point where I realized something is wrong. I couldn’t accept daily life like this. I was exhausted.

I started thinking…something had to have changed. What could I have possibly changed? I mean I can drink Diet Mtn Dew and go right to bed. I scoured through my daily routine in my head. Nothing major. But, I had started taking those delicious little gummy multi-vitamins. In an attempt to drink more water I had also bought some cherry water flavoring stuff. Dye. That had to be it! Both the gummy vitamins and the water flavoring contained Red 40. I used the water flavoring both during the day and when I got home from work. The vitamins, I would take one in the morning and one at night. After some research, I couldn’t find anything serious, but I did find a common complaint of it possibly being linked to ADHD in children. I stopped using both items.

And sleep came again.

Such a relief. I now make sure if I buy any sort of red water flavoring to only drink it during the day and limit myself. Vitamins (which I shouldn’t need unless I’m not eating right anyway) I only take in the morning, or skip all together.

Be aware of what you put into your body and any changes that may be caused by it. You’d be surprised of the ingredients that are legal here in the US, but banned in other countries.